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Eel Pass

For a number of years we have been involved with habitat improvement work on a small east Dorset stream, firstly helping the Sea Trout population and now the Eels.

We have recently finished the restoration of an old weir and installed Eel pass brushes to the wall to aid the safe passage of both Elvers and adult Eels.

A huge thank you to Elliot, Kevin for their construction / restoration work and Arron for his rendering skills..

Another project delivered by

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Work on the River Allen

We have had a busy few days helping the Dorset Wildlife Trust with a great project on the River Allen in Dorset, thank you to Amanda Broome (DWT) for project managing, the great bunch of endless volunteers and as always Elliot and Kevin…

I think the pictures speak for themselves!

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Ford and stream restoration

After a great first day filming and working on this part of the Frome we went on for another couple of days adding LWD, re-profiling the river bed and repairing the damaged ford crossing.

Great working with the Dorset Wildlife Trust, you may like to get involved with their fantastic work

Here are a few more pictures of this great little project, oh and a huge thank you to Sarah (DWT) Elliot and Kevin ( for all your hard work.

The will hold its first gathering on Friday the 31st of October, program to be posted very soon….

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River Enhancements

We are very proud to be the contractors for a number of river enhancement projects here in Dorset, on the river’s Piddle, Frome, Allen and other west Dorset rivers, some of which have been designed and planned for a few years before obtaining funding.

Our Casterbridge fisheries team are involved right from the start, in the initial pre works surveys and consultancy visits, project design, project delivery and importantly post works surveys and report writing!

If you have any sort of project in mind please take a look at our websites and contact one of our specialists.

Below is an example of some willow islands and subtle river bed re-profiling on a great project that we are working on with the Dorset Wildlife Trust and the Environment Agency.


Post works electric fishing survey

A year ago almost to the day, Casterbridge Fisheries Ltd along with the Dorset Wildlife Trust delivered a rather stunning piece of enhancement work on the river Frome here in Dorset.

Prior to the work’s being carried out, a detailed pre works survey was undertaken then it was on with the project 

Today we carried out our post works survey and were seriously pleased with the results, a very noticeable increase in the fish population and an increase of plant species within the area….  As always a big thank you to Eddie and Elliot….. More pictures on our Facebook page…