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     Chalkstream Fishing (day tickets)
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     Fisher Management

We are an established company, specialising in all aspects of water, fishing and fishery management.

  • A Dorset based Fishery Management Company
  • River Projects & Maintenance
  • Lake Projects & Maintenance
  • Ponds and Water Feature Maintenance
  • Exclusive Chalkstream Fly Fishing & Accommodation
  • Please contact us for some friendly advice - John Aplin
    Fully Insured & Members of the IFM, The Wild Trout Trust, The Association of Ponds Lakes and Fisheries,
    The Frome Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association, Salmon & Trout Association, Angling Trust

    Below is my informal blog, keeping you updated with anything that might be of interest..... "Enjoy"

    Latest Post

    Greys Bridge…

    Our favourite old postcard, previous “River Keepers” on the Frome working for the rather fabulous Dorchester Fishing Club…

    2016-06-15 19.34.40

    Andrea’s Mayfly

    Mrs Aplin took this picture on her phone on the banks of the Frome… I love it…

    andreas mayfly

    Fathers Day… Gift Vouchers

    Simply the best idea for Fathers Day…. (something to do with fly fishing, big hint Liberty Aplin… :))

    How about one of our popular Gift Vouchers, that can be used for fly fishing, guiding or even towards a holiday here in the Frome valley…..


    The Wildlife Trusts

    Our Wildlife Trusts carry out a massive amount of work to give “Nature a helping hand”, I feel very proud to be lending a hand, and continued support to all involved….

    John - My World

    Dairy House Holiday

    Avid supporter of the Chalkstream Club, Obsessive Fly Fisher, lover of good food, booze and fresh air… Friend David Burton and gang had a rather fun week here at the Dairy House, sampling the simple delights of the Frome Valley, oh and catching a fish or two…..

    Thank you so much for the fabulous prints, great words…. David’s contact details below :)  Thank you also for the great pictures….<>



    2016-06-12 13.25.58 DairyHouse_Monday-27 DairyHouse_Monday-34 DairyHouse_Sunday-2 DairyHouse_Sunday-16 DairyHouse_Sunday-53 DairyHouse_Sunday-77 DairyHouse_Sunday-146 DairyHouse_Thursday-28 DairyHouse_Tuesday-14 DairyHouse_Tuesday-68