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Wobbled Roach….

For those of you who love Grayling, check out the Dorchester and District Angling Society website, and the picture of Mikes 4lb 1oz fish.
A little on the Lady of the stream on the DFC website…..(Blog)

Plus lots of Grayling fishing at a winter discount! (DDAS)

I have just looked at my fishing diary, the last entry was early June, oops due to blogging most things I seem to have neglected the best diary of all, yes the hand written one, maybe its time to catch up…

Its rapidly heading up to in stream hatchery box time and we have now been round all the sites, mending sluice boards, re-plumbing egg boxes, and sorting out all the required paperwork.

Busy also with all our winter tasks, lots of odd jobs on the Frome, and its garden pond time! Thats right we also do domestic garden ponds….

Coir bank protection on the middle Frome.

At last the run of no bites ended today, suddenly in the fading daylight, in the shape of a large Pike taken on a wobbled Roach……………Returned to grow even bigger!

Now? Have any of you fished the flats of Cayo Coco, Cuba, I need as much info as possible….