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Windy in the Keys

Where ever you go in the world your boat fishing can be hindered by the wind and today was no exception, blowing around 20mph from the east, our options were some what limited, a quick chat with Rodney (owner of fish the dream) on skype in the early hours, and an hour or two later we found ourselves sheltering in the lea of some banks some 15 miles out into the Gulf.

The fishing was great all day with only a slow period over slack water, the Mackerel were awesome fun and also make good Shark bait, we had quiet a few species and Neil and Steve both released Lemon Sharks well over the 150 pound mark, they also had several Spinner Sharks to around eighty pounds, these Sharks, as their name suggests, leap, spin and run, MAD…… 

Happy anglers to say the least, and on their first day……Sleep now as they want to chase Tarpon at 3am tomorrow morning, that’s when they feed, and that’s when we catch them……..

Its not all hard work being a guide, you get to catch the bait aswell as drive the boat.