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Where next……….

We are forever throwing ideas around as how to improve and expand our “Riverworks” company, and we do have some exciting plans in the pipeline for the early part of 2010, but at stupid o clock this morning I thought of the “Jurassic fishing centre” we could do everything to do with fishing, everyone could come on board, we all have different skills within this field and the untapped facilities down here in Dorset are second to none……I feel a plan coming together!
On a slightly more realistic note, other than the exciting work we are doing on the DFC water we have just spent a few days with the Dorset Wildlife Trust working on a chalk stream project designed by Sarah Williams, and a digger and driver from Kingcombe Aquacare—-What a team…..
We have opened up and re created lots of superb Salmonid spawning gravels from a river bed that up until now was literally like concrete!
The compacted gravels had a serious shake up with the digger, we added some flow deflectors, and let in a little dappled sunlight as a result of felling one or two trees to obtain materials for our in stream work.
Here you can clearly see the flow deflectors in action, a slight pool followed by a seriously sexy riffle, lucky Salmon………
A slight amount of erosion control, a little river bed re-profiling and as you can see some great Kingfisher habitat.
Constructing another riffle at the same time as creating a back water to encourage various marginals to grow and of course good fry habitat.
I did manage to do a blog entry early yesterday and then for some reason posted it to the DFC site so if you would like to read it you can at
The evenings are drawing in pretty quick now, it was getting dark when we finished last night, and even darker when I returned home after the Association of Ponds, Lakes and Fisheries AGM which was followed by a most interesting talk by the DWT on gardens and wildlife.
Ben rang late and talked me into a Cod trip later today, which meant having to be in the office at 4am this morning, its so quiet not even the birds are awake, but a great time to work, I tell you we are buzzing at the moment, and here is something to get excited about, some of the worlds top fly fishing film makers (Rise, fly fishing film festival) and photographers are putting on some films here in the UK our nearest cinema where this is happening is in Exeter, full details HERE
I know this will be a great evening but we need to get tickets pretty fast, I am just worried about being further tempted by these exotic fly fishing destinations.

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