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Wet and windy…

Yes it is wet and windy, and at last….According to a little local knowledge the last long spell of wet weather here in Dorset was back at Easter so we are more than over due a spell of unsettled weather!

Our rivers need it desperately, they need a good flush through, the levels need to come up (and stay up), really from now to at least Christmas, the migrating Salmon and Sea Trout need all the water they can get so they can migrate as far up the catchment as they can thus giving their off spring as much chance of survival as remotely possible.

A short spell of clear water in January to enable us to carry out a detailed Redd count on both the Frome and the Piddle, then rain like hell to fill the aquifers to the brim so our rivers stay nice and full for the coming season, good flows and lots of weed…….

One area of our business I was very keen to see expand was the consultancy, advisory and survey work, and through some careful marketing we have seen an encouraging growth in this field, and our clients have been very impressed with the detailed reports we have been producing as part of their package. 

Examples include fish population surveys for angling clubs, private land owners and advisory packages for clients preparing to submit plans to various planning departments for perhaps expansion of their existing fishery, or an impact survey regarding an impoundment for a proposed Hydro electric scheme.

As always the fishery maintanence carries on through the winter months, as does the planning of projects and the funding for the coming year.

Stormy weather brings with it a certain amount of work, for example removing fallen trees from various water courses…..

The rain is lashing against the office window, it will be dark in a couple of hours, does anyone fancy a big fish on a fly, somewhere hot, asap……..