Welcome to Ashley

All our “riverworks” team warmly  welcome our latest team member Ashley Way, Ashley was working as a volunteer with the DWT on our latest Mill Stream project, has an impressive CV, a great work ethic, and we feel will contribute hugely to our company, currently working on Sea Trout spawning restoration on west country streams with our project manager Elliot.

  Ashley Way. BSc Ecology and Wildlife Conservation


Having spent 18 years as Structural Design Engineer in the Aviation industry working mainly on Helicopter design, I decided that I wanted to change my career and way of life and pursue a career in Ecology and Wildlife and Conservation. In 2007 I enrolled on a BSc degree program at Bournemouth University and graduated this year with honours. During the last 3 years I have concentrated my efforts in the area of Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries Management, and recently undertook a research project assessing fish pass efficacy and effects on river Frome Atlantic salmon. During this time I was able to gain valuable experience in habitat surveying and electric fishing. Having lived in Dorset for many years I have a passion for protecting our native wildlife and local rivers.

Specialist area:

Fish passage; Habitat surveying; Species sampling and monitoring; Structural design; Project Management; Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Computer Aided Design (CAD); Mechanical Engineering; Report writing.

Favourite fishery project:

My favourite, and first, river restoration project was the Dorchester Mill Stream Enhancement Scheme to improve the ecological quality of the stream for the benefit of wildlife by helping to build low level Berms to narrow the wide sections, allowing the river to create pools and shallow riffles for fish to spawn. This work included installation of stakes, hazel faggots, and pre-planted coir fibre rolls & pallets.

Fondest fishing memory:

Night fishing for catfish in the River Amazon Brazil or Marlin fishing off the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

Ultimate fishing destination:

British Columbia Canada, Salmon Fishing.

Vision for the company’s future:

My vision is to help John and the team to continue to provide the customers with a 1st class service in a professional and sustainable manner. I also hope to contribute to the business success and expansion by continually adding further skills whilst promoting freshwater ecology and conservation for the benefit of both humans and biodiversity to ensure the future survival of our riverine habitat and our precious wildlife.


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