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Twiddling stix

I used to spend a huge amount of time Piking during the winter months on the rivers in Dorset, I never caught anything to go in any record books, but I did get a few!

Tomorrow for the first time in many years I am fishing the Stour for Pike and I cannot wait, but the little bit of kit that bought lots of great memories flooding back, was simply the “twiddling stick” the greatest bit of kit ever for making up your own Pike traces.

I have just made up a few using the fab VB doubles made by Partridge Hooks and Drennan 20lb seven strand wire and the whole lot “twiddled a treat” roll on first light!

If you have nothing better to do on a cold winters night why not stay in and watch River Cottage on the 23rd December, you might just recognise one or two of the local fishing characters making fools of themselves including one person catching a Dogfish……….