The October rush……

We spend all our year steadily busy, in fact I have to say “fantastically busy”, so busy this year we have taken on an extra pair of hands, Elliot is doing a cracking job managing projects and can now turn out EA consents within our new office in record time…… It is all go and our team are buzzing, we have struggled to find time to do our blogs, face book and you tube accounts, chuckle as you may, facebook actually is some of our best advertising.

We all took time on our various projects today, Eel pass projects, Ed And Elliot in the office while Ashley and I had a blitz on the DFC water, it looked stunning and Ashley said he saw rising fish all over the fishery…… I have two day tickets avaliable

We carried out a pre enhancement survey on the Avon earlier this week and for the first time we recorded little Flounder in our depletion catch.


Our visiting angler here at the Dairy House had a Grayling over the magical three pound mark and several wild Brown Trout  on a very sunny day…..

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