The mill stream continues

The Mill Stream Enhancement, Dorchester………….  We have been working on the Frome for the best part of 25 years, if not longer…..   I cannot bring myself to describe this as an urban chalkstream enhancement as I still think of my home town Dorchester as the rural county town of Dorset, so how about the greatest chalkstream improvement project to ever take place in the capital of Dorset, a grand title, and why???

I will tell you why, nearly all the fine chalkstream work happens in very rural locations, often on private land, well out of view of the general public, with little or no media coverage, and what coverage there is, is generated for those with a vested interested, of an angling background, or (and rightly so) the important PR needed by the sponsors, funders and delivers of this fine conservation work.

We have worked on a huge amount of projects over the years, chatting about our work to various land owners, trusts, presentations for charity’s etc, all good work………

This project is slightly…….  No hugely different in the fact that we have kept the site totally open to the general public, its the main public river walk in Dorchester, and we all have been totally overwhelmed by the positive response and interest shown by the residents and visitors of Dorchester, and its great to be a part of this project……….  The Dorset Wildlife Trust, I cannot say any more just click their link on our home page, join up and get on with helping our rivers!!!!!

Before all the instream work began we carried out a fish survey, this generated a lot of interest and it was lovely to have the time to talk through what we were doing, and explain in detail the aims of the whole project.

You can come along this Saturday and Sunday morning between 10.00am and 12.00 noon to meet the DWT, chat about the project and help to plant up some coir rolls ready to go into the river the following Monday.


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