The Easter Trout Hunt

Three passionate Fly Fishing, Foodies invite you to sample
Wine, Wisdom, Food…and a little bit of fishing
The Easter Trout hunt……..
Saturday 7th April 2012

We (Charles Jardine, John Aplin & John Grindle) take our fishing so seriously that we feel that you should have as much fun as is humanly possible whilst we work our waders off….so…

We would like to invite you to an unchanged backdrop of water meadows, unhurried willows, water that sparkles with clarity that belies gin and Trout that are as fat as butter.

Your day:

9.00-9.30 Breakfast on arrival: Choose from Locally sourced bacon, sausages, black pudding (made from fresh pigs blood) and white pudding (pork, rabbit & pheasant)) cooked on a camp fire – great (proper) coffee and Fly fishing brief.

10.00-10.30 The ways of a wild Trout on the Frome – their diet and life explained. 

10.30 – 12.30 Way of the Trout with a fly rod: casting…and fishing…… We promise we will make it fun…honestly.

Lunch.  As with all fishing this will be a moveable feast and determined by the Trout. Again we use only locally sourced food, especially Dorset’s wonderful seafood. Each course will be matched with a fine wine and we will finish off with a selection of delicious local cheeses. Lunch will be served alongside the Fishing Hut or if the weather is hideous, in our Farm House dining room.  (Please state any dietary requirements when booking)

After lunch…fishing at will and under vigilant instruction and guidance….

Afternoon tea and cake, of course.

Continue with the Fishing at your leisure.

Saturday 7th April 2012

Special price: £195.00 plus VAT.

Inclusive of appropriate tackle, flies and of course, lots of refreshments.

To reserve a place or to discuss the day please contact John Aplin:
t:          +44 (0)1305 257490
m:        07889 680464
tw:       @JohnAplin

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