The Dorset Chalk Stream Club

John Aplin came up with the idea of a Dorset Chalkstreams in 2011, to allow like minded people to sit round a warm fire on a winters night and chat about chalkstreams. (Dorset Chalkstreams of course!)

We hope to present guest speakers from all aspects of chalkstream fishing and habitat improvement. These will range from fly tyers, chalkstream fishing, fishing destinations and the flora & fauna of this wonderful habitat.

Everyone is welcome, family, friends, non fisherman and of course the wonderful bunch who fish the Dorset Chalkstreams! There won’t be any formal membership, just pay on the night…

We are proud to announce the first meeting is booked for Friday 21st September in West Stafford Village Hall (right next to the Wise Man) Our first guest speaker to very kindly come forward for our launch of the “Chalk Stream Club” is Charles Jardine who will do a presentation with the title of “Fly fishing near and far” many thanks Charles, you can visit his great new website here….

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