The Accidental Trout

I can honestly say that my time fishing our “Home Beat” is very limited… I do spend a lot of time looking, watching and learning, listening to tales, more often than not of fish seen, but not caught….

I did fish with a good friend from the village for a couple of  hours today, we took a bottle of wine over to the fishing hut and had a glass while tackling up and talking about flies, then headed downstream where we spotted a fish or two, I spent a good hour on one rather large Grayling with a caddis pattern tied by John G, this fish then ghosted away………

Ages later in really poor light (getting dark), what I thought was the huge Grayling took my nymph just under the surface in amongst over hanging branches and ended up taking me best part of a hundred yards downstream…. Possibly my biggest wild Brown Trout, but out of season…… Oh well… But not as big as the one, one of our Grayling anglers had a few weeks ago!!!!!

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