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Thats Tarpon fishing…..

We left base well before it got light, Rodney put me 100% in charge as the guide, (after all that’s why I am here) and I took us back down to seven mile bridge, the tide was perfect, running through the bridges, I put us in position up tide and we let our crab baits drift down in the tide, and true to form we proceeded to loose the first four Tarpon including a huge fish that must of jumped ten feet when Rodney shouted “fish on” then succeeded to throw the hook as it took a hundred yards of line down tide in a split second……

That’s Tarpon fishing, bottom line you loose them!

Next take Rodney went on to release a (he will hate me saying this, “a fairly small Tarpon”), a cracking fish that was airborne more than once!!!

As the light came up the bites slowed a little, then out of the blue, I hooked what I thought was a Permit, it headed slowly out of the bridges as I frantically tried to get a loop of line out from behind the bail arm, well this Permit turned into a monster Tarpon and launched its huge silver body towards the rising sun, resulting in a slack line and another lost Tarpon……..

Rodney showed his simpathy by quickly catching a stunning Permit before we headed back for breakfast……

A cracking Tarpon, and a Permit before breakfast, there is only one thing to do……..Yep try for a Bonefish before the end of the day!

We waded a mile or two on the flats in search of Bonefish, in sweltering heat 112 degrees and a water temperature of over 90 degrees (you would not run a bath that hot!) as predicted we saw no fish and seriously needed a cold drink when we returned to shore!