Thank You

Dorset Chalk Stream Club winter gatherings 2014-15

I would just like to say a massive thank you, to everyone at the Chalk Stream Club, for being there and making it (very much talked about) the great success it has become, it is now truly the Friday night out with friends, totally relaxing, fun and informal, just the way it should be.

Robins idea to have a bring a plate of food buffet at half time is brilliant, add to this a drink from the pub, a couple of guest speakers and off we go…

We had five winter evenings, covering a vast amount of topics, and all very well attended, we have had guests who have travelled a seriously long way for some evenings.

Again a huge thank you to our guest speakers, who gave up their own time and put a lot of work into their presentations, THANK YOU…

  • Lee Hooper
  • Charles Jardine
  • Tony Hayter
  • Richard Dearnley
  • Richard Miller
  • Jim Chalmers
  • John Hulland
  • Kevin Ackerman
  • Sarah Williams
  • John Grindle
  • Lewis Hendrie
  • Alex Jardine
  • Trevor Harrop
  • Budgie Price
  • Richard Battersby
  • Shaun Leonard

Another thank you, to all those who consistently help with the setting up, putting everything away, the kitchen staff, and to those of us who stand about until midnight talking about fly fishing!


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