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We were blessed with an hour or two of warm sun as we all thought about finishing our various watery tasks today, great the first warm spell and it only lasted a couple of hours, the guys yesterday wore coats for most of the day!

I noticed a couple of days ago while driving through a particularly beautiful wooded area of the River Avon that some of the trees were starting to change colour…..

Talking to a friend who was walking his dog upstream of the new fish pass on the Frome saw a Salmon leap out of the water, early I know, lets all keep our fingers crossed for our Frome Salmon.

We sit with anticipation, awaiting consent for another habitat improvement project to take place on the Frome, work to commence in October, we will have our gravel washing team also out in October washing riffles upstream of Dorchester in a drive to improve Salmonid spawning over the winter months.

Creating more spawning habitat…..

The ruling for no in channel works after 31 Oct always puts a little preasure on dead lines, all our team are comitted until this date on our river work projects, and maintanence contracts, all still water and bank work will comence after this date.