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Having spent a huge amount of time working outdoors, we should have at least some idea that it is fairly sensible to slap a bit of sun cream on from time to time, several days weed cutting and a bit of time afloat with little or no sun cream and its pay back time……a stupidly red nose, and face, ouch…..

Saturday, we had a challenging day guiding for “Fishing Breaks” on the Wrackleford Estate, a cold overcast morning soon changed into a bright hot, tough fish catching day, a few fish were caught, but most importantly we had a great day and a fab barbecue on the river.

Yesterday, purely by chance ended up out on Tony Kings Boston Whaler, with his new 115hp engine, yes we flew in search of a Bass on the fly……we worked extremely hard all day but the fish did not want to play, we caught a Pollack or two, hopefully a start as the Bass season picks up, check out his Bass Trips at fishing breaks website.

Right I have been stuck in the office for far to long on this beautiful day, I had better get down to the river and find out what is happening.