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Who do I need to thank for this fabulous spell of fine weather, or may be its just what we deserve after a few duff summers.

We did have a hint of rain today, and I hate to say it but our rivers could do with a drop, just to freshen things up before the BWO come into their own, on those balmy evenings to come…..

I was chatting to a friend about fishing, and the luck involved, simply being in the right place etc, or even using the right size lures!………I think the poppers I have been using could be a little on the LARGE side, and Elliot tells me I wind them in to fast, well that works for Cuda s ….

I forgot but I did catch a 15lb Mirror at the weekend, on a piece of freelined paste intended for a big Rudd, on an avon rod, a Cardinal 54 and 6lb line.

Busy as always, we work stupidly hard, but along the way we have a good time, the guys are so dedicated and enjoy their way of life, I mean work……

Time for a spot of weed cutting
A little easier to fish now.

The girls and I went and fished for a few Mackerel on Chesil last night, great fun along with a few tangles.

Always take a spare reel!
Nows the time to head home for a fish supper…..

Finally tonight, page two and three of this weeks angling times “1000 pound record shark” a Six gilled shark caught off of Ireland, and through no fault of its own hung up amd weighed on a fork lift truck back at dock!……………. I would love to hear your comments?