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So far this week

We had a fairly busy weekend weed cutting on a local coarse fishery, cutting and removing well over ten tonnes of Elodea, (Canadian Pond Weed) hand cutting is really the only option as the use of any aquatic herbicides are severely restricted, and weed cutting boat access to this particular venue could cause a few problems.

Clearing out a few new swims.

As always huge thanks to Elliot and Tim for their hard work and sense of humour over the weekend, and another early start on Monday.

Oops no fishing and to help matters slightly worse a friend of ours rang to say he had caught and returned 14 Bass, from the shore……..

After a fairly long day on the river, yesterday evening I took a new day ticket angler down to the lower beat on the rather fine DFC water, to show off some of the fishing, we saw one or two good fish and plenty of fly, a rather pleasant evening, warm with a few fish moving, 8.42 pm now and its dark, very dark! (Another season well on its way)

After exploring the river I dropped our fishing guest at the Keepers Cottage guest House that we highly recommend, and its only a few yards from the river.
A great B&B

An hour or two in the office, a great feed of Pike fish pie and were off to the Avon before it gets light !

I received a nice e mail from a gentleman who fished the DFC water on Tuesday telling me the tale of catching a three pounder on a small CDC, and another visiting angler who in one day caught Trout and Grayling but also saw a huge pike, and the icing on cake a monster Salmon this a little further down stream.

We are blessed with some fine angling weather at the moment, and the weather is looking good for the weekend, the Frome looks absolutely awesome at this moment and with only a month left of the Trout season, might I suggest we all get out and make the most of it…….