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OK, hands up who did not make it into work today?

A small part of Dorset was hit in the early hours by a large amount of snow. Very exciting I have not seen snow like this since I was at school, perhaps I should have gone sledging with Lib’s, but Chiv and I were on a mission, to go and work with water!

Maybe we should turn back………

It had to be, we were working away today which meant an early start, I made some fresh coffee at 4.15am and noticed it was snowing fairly heavily, by 5am we had a couple of inches so I set off for Crewkerne, met up with my buddy Chivers in Maiden Newton, by now there was eight plus inches……

My fault, I wanted to take a picture…

We were like a couple of kids and it was a further couple of hours before we reached our destination, but we made it to work!

Picture postcard stuff

A couple of hours later we were working by a lake in t shirts in warm sunshine, know wonder us Brit’s talk about the weather so much!

One Comment

  1. Elliot J McBryde says:

    Well done mate, glad it was’nt me!!!