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Seriously cold…..

we arrived at our swims on the upper Stour just before first light, a beautiful winter morning, and seriously cold!

We knew it would be tough going in these conditions and I have to say we moved swims just to stay in the SUN, we fished hard for one fish and a dropped run, I say we, I really ment Ben, he had the dropped run and the fish.

A lovely venue, great to go back and fish after probably twenty years!

We are all on Christmas wind down now, Grayling fishing tomorrow, and a jolly to Maningford Trout fishery near the upper Avon on Tuesday……..Living the dream Ash…….

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  1. jw says:


    I also went piking on the River Brue early yesterday morning, the fishing was tough to start with due to the rings getting frosted. We ended up with three up to 12lb all on deep fished plugs and jellies.

    The pike are hugging the bottm and all had leeches.