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Seared Tuna

Despite the difficult conditions regarding the wind we have managed to catch our fair share of fish this week, and had a fair feast, the last two nights we have had the best Tuna ever, practically raw, stunning…

We have managed to get offshore for the last couple of days, but conditions have made exact drifting of various wrecks slightly tricky, and the predicted species tricky to target, loosing a handfull of huge fish we now hope for a decrease in the wind speed.

Yesterday we had a stunning day out, Tuna, a big Mackerel and loads of small but undersized Dolphin or Mahi Mahi, and a lost monster Amberjack.

Out early again in search of Tarpon, which are out there in huge numbers, then as light arrives off to a great Cobia and shark mark.

I have learn’t a huge amount about navigation over the last few weeks, pinpointing even the smallest of marks and setting up perfect drifts, and as my good mate back in the UK Mike Bowman would say…To the Fish…..