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Searching for urban Grayling

Most of our snow has now gone but it is still really cold, and lots of nasty black ice, we had a had a seriously close shave earlier today, a car coming the opposite way hit some ice, span across the road in front of us, then back missing us again, and if that wasn’t enough the car span up a bank and back down missing us for a third time….Very scary, if we had been hit it would have scuppered our plans of collecting a Christmas tree and getting back in time for a spot of urban Grayling fishing.

There is a free stretch only a stone’s throw away from my front door, and as you head up stream into the town center there are one or two pod’s of Grayling, we spent an hour or so nymphing for these delightful fish, we caught a few fish but not Grayling, the water still very coloured from the snow melt, and being urban you have to watch your back cast and where you put your wading boots!

While on the subject of wading, I did spend an hour or so repairing waders, and there was one area that was fairly deep so I tried them out, and just as I thought, another wet leg on a very cold day!

The great thing about modern fishing clothing is the layer system, lots of thin layers even in minus conditions just like a wetsuit you actually stay warm, at least long enough to get back to the wood burner in time for a glass of wine…. 

I did a talk with lots of pictures for the Wimborne Fly Fishers a couple of weeks ago, a great evening and a lovely bunch of keen fly anglers, and thanks to Clive Thorp who is the project manager for the Frome, Piddle and West Dorset Fisheries Association for his help on the evening and in spreading the word of the FP&WDFA…

A huge thank you to the group who made a kind donation to our local hospice, I do a few talks during the winter months and all expenses claimed go to