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A very difficult decision was made at the weekend, and that was not to go fishing, a tough one, but our house was grabbed by this horrible winter bug!

Ben and his mates were out Pike fishing on the Stour and having a right result, Scott was on the Avon with frozen maggots and Trev and Jamie were having a Grayling or two.

Despite their fishy smile’s, it was bloody freezing and still they caught…..

Lib’s and I managed to get down on the river for an hour on Sunday to take a couple of pictures, then spent the rest of the afternoon in our fishing den sorting out “fishing stuff” as she puts it….

“Dad those reels are well old”

And so the weekend drew to an end, we were up early today and out on the Frome Redd counting, lets all toast the new fish pass at Louds Mill because today we counted over 40 Redds up stream of Dorchester……..

Just a little foot note, and to add a little warmth to our cold snap please check out Rodney’s latest blog at “Fish the Dream”……..

Sun, shorts and Scott with a little Tarpon, last winter……

Can not wait, over doing some photo shoots at the end of this month, Sharks, possibly on the Fly, chance of a Sailfish……….