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Rivers and things

After working silly hours during the week, most weekends and what with the all the preparation for two days at the Dorset County Show last week, it was great to have some quality family time at last this weekend. A good two hours of walking, along the lower waters, great fun, some super shots taken by Andrea and still river orientated, fortunately the girls both love it as much as me!

We had heavy cloud bursts on Friday, which consequently spoilt most of the river fishing for this weekend anyway, even tried some tiny streams, but it was just too coloured.

A whistle stop trip to Street, worked very much in my favour on arrival at the Orvis shop, “oops”… Nice Sunday morning idea Andrea !!!!

Checking out the Red Cow stables.

Water works….

Just above DEADMANS!!!!


Can I be a River Keeper Dad?

A Tarpon on a fly before my next birthday…….?????