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Ringstead beach

August bank holiday and we are having a micro heat wave, lets make the most of it!!!!!

Spent a fabulous family day with friends on the beach, and Simon and I decided that a spot of fishing on his kayak was the order of the day, we spent hours until dark fly fishing and plugging, I hooked something on the fly and lost it, Simon had a couple of follows on a popper……

I managed somehow to capsize us about half a mile offshore, I trod water with all the fishing gear and Simon managed to sort the boat out, it was touch and go for a minuite or two……..

Where are all the fish?

Lets try and find them.

One Comment

  1. doug says:

    John Yep looked at your Blog. I remember this capsizing left us rolling round the beach laughing. See you should have taken the rubber dingy out that day too!