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Redd counting

I think Dorset has to be the best place in the UK to live, and what makes it even better at the moment is the simple fact that we are having proper seasons, a classic wet autumn and now a freezing winter, lets hope that this trend continues for the coming spring and summer…..

We have been out again over the last couple of days collecting valuable data on the Salmon spawning areas on the River Frome, this is an important aspect of all the work taking place, on going projects with the EA, NE, DWT, CEH, FP&WDFA.

Our Frome Salmon are simply in serious danger, we need lots more hard work and help with funding for further projects, please contact us at the Frome Piddle & West Dorset Fisheries Association if you can help.

Seriously chilly at the moment, and we have been starting before first light (great at this time of the year) and today we had horizontal snow, and marked a few more redds on the GPS.

We are out again at first light, lets keep our fingers crossed that we find a few more redds!

We have covered every square inch of the upper Frome and her tributary’s and the results so far prove that these silver tourists need our help in a big way!

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