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Redd counting

Boxing day, and most of Dorchester would head to louds mill, to walk off Xmas, and watch the Atlantic Salmon trying to leap the weir, fifteen years ago you struggled to find a space to watch, for the last few years its just been me!
We are in the middle of our annual redd count, we have surveyed a good number of redds so far, seen a fair number of Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout, all good news.

But… and there is a but, we all need to continue our quest to preserve the silver tourist.

As you know the weather is a little un settled, in fact it is pouring as I write this, I just hope the river is clear for us to continue our work in the morning, despite a forecast of nearly an inch or rain in the next hour, I leave you with a short clip of a Frome Salmon.

You might need your Polaroids.