Putting smiles on peoples faces

Mick and Alex arrived from the UK over a week ago, and after a long journey they came in for a cold beer and we chatted about their fishing dreams and how excited they were to be out in the keys, they had had a seriously tough time before Christmas, and needed a big boost……

Well what a week, firstly we had to work fairly hard at the fishing, but it was all good, Mick and Alex fished really well, catching a total of twenty two species over the week, Micks biggest fish was a stunning Bull Shark of over 130 pounds and Alex had a cracking Nurse Shark of around 180lbs, Alex played this fish like a true pro and we actually had to follow this shark for well over a mile as he hooked up on only 30lb spinning gear, great angling Alex!!!!

The guys certainly had smiles on their faces as the week went on, there was a few tears, and quiet moments to reflect, the trip they needed, lots of great memories, and great company………I wish you guys all the best!

We had a cracking meal on their last night and went through all the pictures we had taken, smiles all round……….

They left for the UK yesterday and my mate Neil was flying out and so far has made it to the Bahamas due to storms over Miami, so hopefully he will arrive tonight, a couple of days fishing and then home, back on Wednesday to the chalk stream world and hopefully put a smile on a few more faces back in Dorset…..

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