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We all decided that a drop of rain was in need for the Frome catchment, and did it rain over the last twelve hours, but we need a whole lot more…..

So we all headed out to the Mill Stream to carry on with our rather fine enhancement project, in the pouring rain….  The DWT and a couple of their volunteers, our “Riverworks gang” what a day, the entire team were buzzing, I can honestly say I have never seen so many smiles on a project, laughter all the way and boy did everyone graft, all so proud of their work………….  THANKS


We un- loaded some rather fine pre planted coir rolls, it did take a while and they were seriously heavy, but as our team all work like clock work, as they came off the lorry only moments later they were in place in the river, on time, as planned….

Really rewarding work, and the feed back from the nice people who use this area is very encouraging, after all they can enjoy this enhancement, as we will, and our next generations…. Not forgetting the fish…….