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Plan B…..

Saturday was a little gloomy, grey with drizzle, I spent most of the day working.

I was going a little stir crazy by about 4pm, by chance Rob A rang and persuaded me to go and fish the river with him for a couple of hours, in a short space of time, we managed a couple of nice fish and all of a sudden it felt a better day…..

I just about sneeked past this young family…

Nipped to Dorchester carnival, for an hour in the pouring rain with my family, rang Ivan (Top Cat) to find our boat trip cancelled due to extreme wind!!!!!!

Some of the gang came for supper and after a drop of grape juice we came up with plan B……

To explore the Mangroves of Portland Harbour, I missed one, Kev nearly missed one as did Dom, Emma hooked 3 Bass and landed one…..

We decided on the inshore option….

A spot of wreck fishing!

What a view…..

The new Storm hair grip…