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Chalkstream Fly Fishing 2015


The Fishing Beats for now and 2015

We now have the use of eight delightful beats here in Dorset, on this page we give you a gentle introduction to the very varied Fishing that we have  available, either on a Day Ticket or if you are staying with us as part of your fishing holiday.

Open Seasons
Salmon 15th March to 31st August
Sea Trout 15th April to 31st October
Brown Trout 1st April to 15th October
Grayling/Coarse 16th June to 14th March


The Home Beat

This is chalk stream paradise.

With a central fishing hut, alfresco dining area and bbq, making it a great beat to fly fish with friends, the fishing hut is next to a pretty bridge pool with plenty of room to relax and enjoy lunch with a glass of wine.

The “Home Beat” makes up a mile of exciting and challenging fly fishing, we also have half a mile of carrier north of the main beat, slightly wilder fishing suitable for those who love to wade.

A great variation of fishing, classic chalk stream features including riffles, pools, plenty of glides and overhanging trees, great sight fishing in crystal clear water.

The fishing is for totally wild Brown Trout and huge Grayling, for which the Frome is famous.

We have had Grayling to well over FOUR pounds on this beat, and a wild Trout of over SEVEN pounds.

I spent many happy hours Grayling fishing here as a child, and have looked after the fishing here for well over twenty years.

Available on a Day Ticket exclusively as an individual or small party and for our Annexe guests.

Tickets from only  £25

Chalkstream Dreams

The Watery Beat

This is a new beat for us on a small carrier only  a couple of miles downstream of the Dairy House. This really is a wading only beat and is great for a few hours in search of a large Grayling or a wild Brown Trout.

Day tickets available here at only £10 per person.

Amazing colours....

The Dorchester Fishing Club

Casterbridge Fisheries is proud to sell day tickets to fly fish the waters of the Dorchester Fishing Club on the River Frome, some stunning fishing, and I am very proud to have been the “River Keeper” on this fishing for nearly 20 years.

The waters hold a good head of wild trout as well as grayling below Dorchester. Although trout are not stocked on a regular basis the Managing Committee review the position from time to time and restock with brown trout as circumstances permit.

During the early spring days the Club is blessed with some astounding hatches of Grannom and as the weather improves these are joined by Blue Winged Olive’s, falls of Hawthorn Fly and Black Gnat. Towards the end of May early June the Mayfly appears, bringing the larger fish to the surface. After the Mayfly and until the end of the season, there is always the evening fall of spinners and sedges, during the day fish can still be found rising to hatching Pale Watery’s and Blue Winged Olives.

Brown Trout fishing: 1st April to 14th October
The Club does issue day tickets during the trout season, only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Bank Holidays, but not during mayfly season (16th May – 15th June) when the water is reserved exclusively for members. (maximum 45 per year). Day tickets are priced at £50.00

To view day ticket availability, please visit the Club’s website www.grhe.co.uk

(unfortunately guiding is unavailable on the Club’s water) 

John Grindle

The Lower Piddle Fishery

We have  a “House ticket” for this very interesting fishing on the Lower Piddle, offering the chance of Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout fishing.

This is for our Annexe guests only and if you stay with us for the week we will allow up to three of  you to fish this beat FREE of charge on the Thursday of your holiday.

2013-09-25 09.20.40

East Burton Fishery

Some great fishing on the middle Frome, about five miles downstream of the Dairy House, run by my friend Harry Warr, “Game Keeper and River Keeper”, Harry has some lovely fishing here for Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout and Grayling.

More than happy to book you some fishing here as part of your stay…

 Lunch by the river

Middle Stour

Not truly known as a chalk stream but is the home to a handful of rather special, totally wild Brown Trout in totally wild surroundings, mostly  never caught before, the chance of a real monster, tough fishing, a totally new experience in your fly fishing world, that I can guarantee….. Also chance of a big Chub during Mayfly, or a Pike on the Fly during a winter break….

Again we have a “House Permit” and our guests will be allocated a FREE session (if you have time) on this fishery during their holiday….

I have wanted to catch one from here for a very long time...

Lower Frome Beats

Fishing with Paul Bullimore – http://http://chasingsalmon.blogspot.co.uk/

The Lower Frome has a well known track record of producing big fish, not only the huge Grayling the river is now famous for but also huge Sea Trout and Salmon. Historically the river had a massive average size of Salmon with 30lb fish being common and several 40lb fish being caught each season. Although these huge multi sea winter fish have all but vanished there are still big fish in the upper 20’s being landed and lost each year. The majority of the fish caught in recent times are 2sw fish of between 10 and 16lb with a fair numbers of bigger fish and a few grilse as well.

Guided fishing for Salmon is offered on two lovely private beats on the lower river. Fishing on these lower beats is normally by fly or spinner although some rods also fish the prawn. There are numerous deep pools and shallower runs giving a wide variety of water to fish.

If you catch the river right you may be lucky enough to encounter a large multi sea winter salmon or even a double figure sea trout, if you are vey luck you may even land one!

All of the salmon fishing on the Frome is syndicated although limited day tickets are available in order to give people a taste of what this beautiful river offers.

  • Salmon fishing season is from 1st March to      August 31st
  • Sea Trout fishing is from 1st April to October      31st
  • Two separate beats to chose from
  • Tuition and guiding available
  • Day tickets available on application
  • Prices from £40 per day

Pauls contact details here fromefisher@yahoo.co.uk

A stunning Frome Salmon


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