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Onwards and upwards

Some of the gang worked a 65 hour week last week, a massive thank you for all your hard work, and the pride you take in it!

We have been exceptionally busy this year, not really having a lull since before Christmas, busy with both old and new clients.

At this present time, (and I struggle to believe that we are into August already) we are committed to projects on the rivers Piddle, Frome, and Allen, we are also involved with a particularly large project committing two men for a further month to help Kingcombe Aquacare on a job on the river Avon.

Last Sunday we had one of the calmest fishing days for many years, a contrast to today’s weather, I was planning on mowing a couple of beats over the weekend, but its just been to wet!

Rodney from “Fish the Dream” rang for a chat yesterday, this guys enthusiasm for the fishing he takes his clients to…… well you will just have to ring him yourselves, and get over there!
We could well be off for a short Tarpon time trip next year, if not before…….

I will leave you with a few pics of last weeks boat trip.

Guess where?????

A glass of cider , calm sea, and great fishing, what more could we ask for, especially as Kev s not good in anything more than a force 1 and it was Mark and his son Liams first trip out.

I tell you Kev loves his boat fishing, the trouble is he has become rather good at it!
We all caught to much sun, Kev getting more than his share, so much so that Ivan said on our return to port “when you put the fenders out dont put Kev’s head over by mistake”

A fantastic day, Will caught the smallest Red Gurnard, and John G caught the biggest Gurnard, again thanks to Ivan and his boat Top Cat for having us all in stitches all day………