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Oh its raining again…….But thats ok….

Its rained and rained for the last 24 hours, and its set to continue!

Firstly take a look at this website, it is nothing short of fantastic, the photographs take some beating, some of the finest pictures I have ever seen!

As always the Riverworks team are flat out, we have two operatives full time, assisting Kingcombe Aquacare on the River Avon as part of their Water Level Management Plan engineering contract.

A team on the Frome taking care of all our maintenance contracts, the EA gravel washing is well under way with many of the Salmonid spawning beds already cleaned prior to this winters Salmon run.

We have been involved with various fish surveys both on the Frome and the Avon, and last Saturday just started on an important habitat improvement project on the Frome.

A huge thank you again to the team, Tony, Elliot, Terry, Rob and Tim for the silly hours.

Again here are a few pictures to be going on with…..

Jet washing Salmonid spawning sites.

Driving posts in for the flow deflectors on the Frome.

Electric fishing on the Frome.