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Of Fly and Fish

There was serious warmth in that spring sun today, as long as you were out of that persistent NW wind, and with that warmth came a fair hatch of Grannom and a hand full of rising fish, at last the Frome is picking up and our rods will be happy….

I had to head into the Test valley (I am very privileged to be guiding) earlier today for a “One Fly” briefing at the Fishing Breaks HQ, by team leader Jon Bond, beat allocation, and by a serious stroke of luck I was selected a beat I know quiet well, (and one I like) and to top the day, we were sent off to check out our respective beats with a fly rod (like that as well) only I took a 7ft 3wt and the wind was a little strong and downstream!!!!

I needed to choose “one fly” and stick with it….Result! my favorite fly (has to remain a no namer) cleaned up, 12 fish to about 4lbs in a couple of hours………

Despite planning an evening meal, all fish were returned un-harmed.