Nymphing, Grayling and smiles…

I walked our fishing here at the Dairy House last night with some friends, chatting, looking and taking pictures, but silently behind the fairly brisk conversation and kids running round having fun, I was thinking to myself about the photo shoot, and promotion work that we were to do today, low crystal clear water and fish that can see you before you even leave the house…. A challenge to say the least….

We were to cope….

One of the topics of conversation today was the great people you meet, the places you visit and on the odd occasion the fish you catch, even when you have a lifetime of fishing behind you, doing it for a living…. The odd very special fish can turn up, and on a photo shoot………… Smiles all round!

Henry Gilbey I have known for a few years now and takes some rather fine angling pictures came along to get some pictures of proper wild chalk stream fishing and Nick Hart  came along to fish, and catch a monster Grayling for the camera…………..!!!!!!!

We ate well, caught a few, and laughed for most of the day, thanks guys! 


We are taking bookings for our fishing and rather fine accommodation, ring us at the Dairy House and chat with us, John or Andrea on 01305 257490

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