New Zealand, South Island

I guess the plan was hatched on the banks of the Frome a while ago, friends Richard (Dusty) and John T (JT) were it the throws of planning a trip and asked if John G (Foodie) and I (Keeper) would like to come along….  I said yes before even thinking about…..

After months of seriously good planning (great work Dusty and JT) Foodie and I headed out to Singapore (March 2016) to break the journey and to sample the amazing food, then we all took the same flight into Christchurch New Zealand.

We were now in Trout Mecca and literally had weeks in front of us to chase Trout, ideal…..

We shared the driving, 3500km, cooking, and fished as great friends in simply the most amazing places.

We covered a huge part of the South Island, fishing many different rivers, and catching fish along the way, trust me you have to work for your fish!

The weather was amazing, crisp autumn mornings and warm days…..20160330_111243 20160402_133306 20160402_193818 20160403_121718 20160403_172044 P1010750 P1010868 P1010884A massive box ticked,  Brown Trout and Rainbow’s on dry’s, nymphs and streamers from New Zealand’s rather clear rivers 🙂

Thank you all…….


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