New boom boat

Another stunning morning here in the Frome valley, early autumn mist over the water meadows as it was getting light, I have to grin as this is the view from our office window……..

Part of our team are off out jet washing salmonid spawning areas on the river Frome today, each year we are contracted by the EA to do this and last year we cleaned over 4000 sq m and were really pleased to watch Salmon spawning in some of these areas.

There is a HUGE amount of good work going on on our Dorset rivers, the FP&WDFA fund raising and delivering projects, the Dorset Wildlife Trust are also delivering lots of good work especially on rivers with no SSSI status and the Environment Agency are throwing everything they can into our rivers, all their fisheries and conservation staff are driven by a passion for our aquatic environment, and we are very privilaged to have such active bodies here in Dorset.

Those days of negitive doom and gloom for our rivers are gone, all the conservation bodies are now working together, its happy days, so onwards and upwards…………………………

On another subject, one of the services we offer is detailed electric fishing survey work, we have a full team of qualified staff and cover every aspect, back pack, boat wade and large water boom boat work, we were out surveying a deep water site last week, collecting data on a pollution site to put a case forward for a fish pass and further enhancement work.

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