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Nearly spring

I know deep down that spring is still a while away, but today on the banks of my belovid river Frome, other than the tinny noise of the strimmer the birds were singing their little hearts out, the Snowdrops looked at their best and the river was back inside its banks, dropping some eight inches over night.
For me as a Riverkeeper it is an awesome time of year, the beginning of the season if you like, getting ready, the excitement of the coming months, the changing seasons, the fishing, fisher folk chatting, ringing, e mailing, all retiring from hibernation, keen to get on board.
Other than the Frome we have spent a day or two on the River Piddle, a call out to deal with an oil spill on a garden pond!!! and the restoration of an old greenheart rod…. and time for more pheasant stew.

Dinner at last..

Elliot planting a withy bed

No more flys to be caught in these trees…