Monster Permit

One of my dreams has been to catch a monster Permit, when I say monster I mean fish over 3olbs, which I was really lucky to do a couple of years ago…

A rather recent trip found me again in Marathon key with friends at “Fish the Dream”, the weather was against us for part of the trip, but the last couple of days came good, a huge fish of over 30…..

On the last afternoon I hooked a Permit that had the whole boat in silence, and the other boats that came over┬áto watch….

I played this fish rather carefully, shaking until this Massive Permit 45lbs ++ was safely in the net….. Pictures done, she swam off strongly, then the shouting and air punching began!!!!!

Frome and Florida-049 Frome and Florida-050 Frome and Florida-123 Frome and Florida-250

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