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Mid Summer madness…..

Rodney put me on to this little mark, fairly close in shore on the Atlantic side, no sooner had we got the pick down, and the oil and chum over the side, all hell broke loose………

Neil had a cracking 10lb Grouper which was chomped right next to the boat, and this is how it went on all afternoon, complete mayhem, fish, fish, and more fish, Sharks, and more Sharks………

I lowered a large Shark bait over the side of the boat, and watched it disappear into the mouth of a monster Grouper,(scary…) then I had the fight of a lifetime as I did battle with an estimated 500lb fish, and after about twenty minutes, and starting to win, this fish gradually came closer to the boat, the leader getting closer and closer, 80lb class gear and a big bloke pushed to the absolute limits…….and then just a few feet from touching the leader the hook just fell out…………….That’s fishing!

Adrian caught this cracking Jack, a little further off shore, before we arrived at mark X (John and Ben, we too have a mark X, but it aint no good for swimming!!!!!)

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  1. admin says:

    Well done lads, looks like you are having a great time – get that sun cream on Aidy!!

    Fishing also going well here!!!