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May bank holiday…..

Libs and I flew out of the house at about 7.00am ( not bad for a 9 year old on holiday ) to check the river was OK for our visiting day anglers, stunning, apart from that bitter northerly!

We went out to the yard to load up for the day, stopping in the village for a chat with one of our clients about the days fishing ahead, I tell you the people in the Frome valley have to be some of the nicest people on this planet!!!!! then off to install a liner in a Koi pond that we are building, as I said to Rob during the day “what a fab way to spend a bank holiday, water, fish and a cracking bunch of pond builders”……..

We managed to finnish all the liner instalation, and back filling and Terry, Rob and Tim will complete the landscaping over the next few days.

We all have an exciting week ahead of us, more pond and water feature work, Electro fishing survey work, and fish stocking, infact if anyone fancys helping us out with a clip board, recording fish on Wednesday please give me a ring or send me a e mail