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Living the dream…..cheers Ash!

“Living the dream” is a sort of private joke between all the folks in this area of the country that are involved within fishery industry, the saying evolved from a Kingcombe Aquacare site earlier this year and has spred as the aquatic moto, wet, cold, covered in mud and stinking of silt, late home,7 days a week, stuck in the office, “Living the Dream…..”

Tim and Elliot weaving the willow……

The riverworks gang have been out in force this week, myself, Elliot and tim have been busy on the DFC water constructing more Willow islands, willow bank revetment, flow deflectors, and lots of tree trimming, whilst Terry and Rob, and Tim (poor Tim always in two places) have been putting in some serious hours jet washing spawning gravel on the Frome.

The Swans liked the slack water created by one of our new islands…….

Great to see Elliot enjoying his work, I cant repeat what he just called me!
Just after this picture was taken we paused for tea and cake……….

We finished our tree work earlier than planned today and sped to the beach in search of a Bass, John G missed one, but only just……

Next week, more of our habitat work, a project for the Dorset Wildlife Trust, and a trip to the River Nadder and a little research into a possible trip to Chile with a Fly company in Spain

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  1. Simon says:

    I follow your blog on a regular basis as a fisherman, nature lover and someone who has a soft spot for Dorset (my mother had roots in Abbotsbury and my parents lived there for 20 years after retiring). I just had to comment on your new photo at the top of the blog – it's so evocative. I can really feel the Spring sun on my back and hear the birdsong! A bit of escapism – just what I need sitting in an office by the M3 doing my finance work.

    PS – I already have a "borrowed" image of Wolfton from the DTFC website as my desktop at home and at work! If you are willing to send me a copy of your latest picture for the same personal use I would be very grateful.

    Simon Hanson