Little Syndicate – Rods available

We now have the fishing on just under a mile of the delightful “Wraxall Brook” about eleven miles NW of Dorchester, this is a very small tributary of the river Frome, totally overgrown, full of fallen trees and “Wild Trout” serious fun for those who like a challenge, ideal for a 6ft 2# rod or Tenkara…..

There is also a pond that may contain a number of old rainbows and possibly a monster Grass Carp?

I am going to add to this 350m of the North Stream (our Watery Beat) near to Tincleton.


I am looking for SIX rods to join, the cost will be £50.00 for the season 1st April to 15th October, I will also be asking rods to help with some tree clearing on the Wraxall..

The Little Syndicate is now FULL.. Additional fishing at

If this suits your style of fishing, please drop me a line


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