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Jim the digger driver

Jim the digger driver, what a top bloke…….he is our 15 tonne long reach machine driver contracted from for this project, in fact we have had him as driver on quiet a few of our enhancement projects on both rivers and still waters.

Jim has a great sense of humour, he needs one, I was laughing today, (as we all do every day) quietly observing him taking orders from no less than six chalk stream experts, as to where to move in stream gravel about, creating¬† a variation in Salmonid habitat, apart from the odd cheeky grin he delivered some cracking results, and at the end of the day I asked him how he got on, and as always he replied “I love it mate”……Roll on tomorrow…….

I have to say we have a seriously good team on this project, and their passion for chalk streams is simply staggering, smiles all round, thanks guys……