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Its that time of year.

There is only so much that one can write about strimming and mowing …

Its very difficult to big it up in any way, but the one good thing is that it always looks very smart when its finished and you can leave that particular beat with the knowledge that you will return within the next couple of weeks to do it all again!

Fail to make that date due to rain or some other excuse “fishing in the keys simply not good enough”, and you will be landed with a whole host of work ! Pop to that beat, a quick whip around with the mower then off fishing, but it just never seems to work out that way !!!

When will I mow you again?

I tend to wade for most of my fishing, but when I was out with some of the DFC rods this week it was rewarding to be able watch them fish comfortably from the bank, and catch a fish or two.

Waiting, its important…….

Grab that little bit of me time, it does the soul a lot of good, there is not much of it about, use it sensibly and go FISHING….