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It gets dark early….

This has to be the fastest year ever!

The trout season is now over, I had it in the back of my mind to trot for Grayling this afternoon, but again the Frome is up and like coffee!

A week or so ago John G and I went along to the Wiltshire Fisheries AGM, by kind invitation of Adrian Simmonds the keeper at Wilton, great lectures on the genetics of Brown Trout, a fantastic curry (slightly better than the DFC electro curry, but only by a tiny tiny bit..).
Followed by a spot of frantic Grayling fishing on Adrian’s well managed fishery…..

Lots on a dry(ish) fly…

Kev and I nipped out late yesterday for a spot of Pigeon shooting, we missed every one that we shot at, but after a short secret mission on the way to our shooting I ended up with a new pair of wellies and a Phesant that someone else ran over…

Maybe one day, game could feel in danger, but it could be a while…..

I spent a while, after spending most of the day collecting and splitting logs for the wood burner, just browsing through a few pictures from earlier this year, and one or two made me chuckle….

Libs caught a bigger one than me…

John, Big Trout and tiny streams….

I caught more and ate more than my Dad…

Are there any Sharks near Portland?

Final question, will a 14 wt be enough to cast this popper….

I have just noticed the weather forecast for tomorrow, take care…..