As I mentioned on my last blog, we had a day booked out on Top Cat, well yes the wind did get up and then dropped again the day after our cancelled trip, typical, either this fishing luck thing is with you or its against you, you just have to keep plodding away at it.
It really has been an outstanding year, we have all caught a few PBS, I have had a PB Tarpon and a PB Garfish and a PB Blonde….Nice…..
We have ended up on the famous Chesil bank on more than one occasion so far this autumn in search of a Cod (that everyone else seems to be catching) this weekend a few big fish were caught up until we arrived to fish the evening tide, I missed one rather good fish that nearly pulled the rod and tripod over, I picked up the rod, nothing there, how the hell do they do that, on a 4/0 pennell ?

Seconds after this picture was taken, Scott wound in, re baited and cast out…..

It pays to use lots of fresh bait….we made him put this little fella back!

We fished until late, and I caught one of my smallest Pout, then it was time to think about work….
One of the passions we all have is habitat improvement work on chalk streams, and we have a few projects on the go at the moment, and building willow islands on the Frome is one of our favorites, this adds a great deal to the flow variation, and also cleans and loosens the gravel making it better for Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout spawning.

A lot of our habitat work is funded by the Environment Agency, a huge thank you from all involved in Dorsets chalk streams, so when you all buy your rod licence you now have some idea that at least some of the revenue raised is being used locally, and for very good causes, I was at a fantastic seminar last week with the EA and the IFM and there was a paper presented by the Barbel Society on some of the work done on the Dorset Stour, great stuff and all in the name of conservation………

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