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As my last blog entry stated, “we had some serious rain” that night, but much to my surprise the Frome showed absolutely no change, in fact I fished with a friend for a couple of hours in bright hot sunshine on the Friday afternoon and between us we managed to rise a few small ones, as always it was good to get out, (with something other than a mower).

Nick covering a spooky fish…..

I absolutely love hot tropical weather, but I have to say we have now had three days of the most fabulous “sitting on the beach weather”, where we have struggled a little to keep going, working in the water in waders, completely sheltered from any breeze (on a lovely project in North Dorset)!

Spacing out the posts…. Prior to willow weaving

All our work takes us to some fantastic places, today we found a little shade to eat our lunch, which we managed to share with one or two Chub…..
Our risk assessment for this job very seriously includes all sun and heat factors….Seriously!

A little more willow revetment, again to make a lake bank safe.

Long may our summer last, but could we have a little more rain (at night) to top up our rivers.
Check out the FP&WDFA website and get joined up to help us protect and improve our local rivers.
And just to prove the sun has not got to me, I saw a huge fish, 30-50lbs shaped like a King Mackerel jump three times off the Chesil beach last Sunday!
I glanced at Lib’s own outdoor thermo meter and I know it is in the sun, but it is nearly 8pm and it reads 34 degrees C we had better take a cool box and a large fan to work tomorrow!