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Happy New Year

Firstly a happy and warm new year to you all, I hope you have all made new years resolutions, of things to do, rather than to give up….

This is the longest COLD spell we have had for a few years, and I see it is set to continue for a while.

Great news as we are doing out annual Salmon Redd count on the River Frome this coming week, clear water makes the whole job a lot easier and obviously gives us exact figures, spot on GPS readings and precise data.

We hope to count lots of Redds especially up stream of the new fish pass at Louds Mill so watch this space for our observations.

I received a nice e mail from a company that runs a fly fishing business in the Spanish Pyrenees, and it looks fantastic, please check out their website at Salvelinus, as you scroll down the home page there is an English translation icon to click on.

Something else of interest, there was a rather fine Common Carp caught on the Frome at Wool Bridge, get the latest news from DDAS

We are now open to take bookings for the DFC fishing on the Frome in Dorset, trust me its some of the best chalkstream fishing in the uk…..